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ÅMBE creates the Art of the Future or the Future of Art!!!

April 29, 2019

Maria Brodskaya aka ÅMBE is a NYC-based music artist and virtual reality performance arts pioneer. She is a conservatory trained singer, pianist and electric violin virtuoso, as well as an electronic music producer and composer.

She was the winner of an "Independent Music Award” for Best Electronic/Dance EP of 2018. She is also an Entrepreneur and the executive producer of the ADIM GROUP project - a Music Production Studio, Tech Platform, and Independent Record Label.


ÅMBE is one of the first VirtualReality & MixedReality Music pioneers, creating unique visual and auditory experiences for her music compositions by making immersive VR music paintings/performances for her songs.

Maria Brodskaya is all about breaking the boundaries between different art forms. She is a true pioneer intertwining classical acoustic performances and electronic music production together with VR Visualizations into a singular Mixed Reality performance. She has started to collaborate with the Manhattan based Jump Into the Light - VR Studio to create a holistic immersive art suite in which she attempts for the first time to virtuously combine modern classical violin improvisation in the Mixed Reality (MR) environment with indie/pop electronic production and a staggering four octave vocal range, while creating VR paintings with her body movements in a cyber dance.

Maria has a distinct vision for how her music should look and how it should move… Finding a unique platform to bring to life the whole creative concept of one’s inner universe has become her mission.

Jump Into The light has declared their mission: to show that VR & MR is not just for gaming and partying, but it’s a future platform to create real Artwork for the 21st Century. When Maria first met with JiTL it felt like a perfect match and they immediately started working together. 


Maria’s official VR music video for her latest single “3OW” was premiered at the SXSW music festival in March 2019. Her mixed reality show is debuting in May at the Jump Into The Light Studio - one of the first shows of its type in the world. 



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