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Maximum High Present New limited edition vinyl E.P. Enjoy!!!

April 9, 2019


Maximum High is an independent music collective from Athens, Greece, dedicated to high energy rock beats, blending drops of funk, dub, punk, dance, an anything goes mentality and a diy attitude.

The band comprises long time members of the Athens and international scene, singer Irene Dimopoulou, guitarist and music producer Thanos Amorginos, bassist Panos Tomaras and drummer Nick Zografos.

As the name implies Maximum High is better listened to on Maximum High levels!



Vibrant, Dynamic and Extremely Innovative - This is a mix of music, music, music, music, music, music and music.

With sincerely driven spirituality and DIY approach


Maximum High is confidently stepping into the independent-scene determined & ready to bring Rock back to the forefront of music and the top of playlists worldwide.



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