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Fresh Interview with NYC-based singer and artist KAIYA!!!

March 24, 2019


“Go South!”  


Hi KAIYA! Welcome back! We do have it as a great tradition now, to get together to catch up to be updated with all your news!

So what’s new? How was your SXSW international music event that you were a co- organizer of together with ADIM? Tell us about it!

— It was such a last minute for us to put everything together, but we did it, and it went great! Also it was my first SXSW, and it was such a pleasure to be a part of it ... meeting extraordinary talented people, sharing love for music and art .. connecting and marking plans together.. simply amazing ...what else can I say..


And you also had your own exhibition there as an artist! Wow! We are impressed, seriously. What works did you bring there?

— It’s very kind of you, thank you! Yes, I had 18 pieces, ink on paper. And we got incredible feedback about it as well. So I am very happy! It was definitely worth it! Hopefully it’s going to become our good tradition too. 


Looks like lately you’ve also gotten into some music business besides music making! Your resume is becoming more and more impressive, and it looks like you’ve been really growing in so many ways. How are you feeling about it, supporting other musicians, becoming an event organizer besides everything else?

— I love connecting people and organizing things. I curated art shows before, and every time it brings me so much joy. It inspires and empowers me. Collaborating, working with amazing artists make me a better artist myself! The artists playing our showcase were truly extraordinary. And hopefully there are a few very cool coolabs are going to happen with some of them. 


How are you feeling about all competition in music? Don’t you become a little bit jealous sometimes? In music, modeling, or life overall?

— Not at all, I love to learn from the best and improve myself, order to become better.


Speaking of music... Isn’t your new song coming out somewhere soon? Can you tell us about it?

— Yes, can’t wait to share it with u! 

It’s a love ballade, about relationship happening between people from different continents. Something like french ballads of Serge Gainsbourg..


Is it a duo? One of your new “firsts”! We can’t wait to hear it! How did you get into a duo?

— I always wanted to record some duet songs. So it’s been coming:) I will be able to tell you much more after the song is out. Which is just a week away ))) 


It’s awesome! I think we will have to have you back after the song is out, to talk more about it! 

— And I’ll be happy to come again to share more secrets with you )))



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