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INTERVIEW WITH NYC-based singer, artist and model KAIYA!

February 25, 2019

Hi KAIYA! Thank you for coming back to talk to us! How is life, what’s going on?

K. — Life is just amazing)))


Today we will be asking you some different questions about your everyday life. Asking about some simple things that make all of us human, so to speak.. :) How do you usually start your day? Any rituals or routines?

K. — It’s funny that u asked, I was just having some conversations about empowering morning routines the other week.. about how I like to start my day, what my rituals are.. It’s definitely a glass of water, lighting a candle, doing some stretching exercises, having a cup of tea..

Then grabbing my notebook, and for 10min I “just write anything” as a ritual...


These are some awesome rituals!

You have a very active life. Music, modeling, art... What does KAIYA actually eat to keep her energy up? Any special secrets?

K. — A lot of raw food, fruit, vegetables.. easy meals. I stopped eating meat last fall, and now it’s also no dairy.. Pretty much a plant-based diet... including nuts ... It’s really healthy to listen to your body...


As a model and artist, how do you keep yourrself in such great shape? It looks like you are not supposed to even have any time to go to the gym!

K. — Lol ... I do my workout every day, sometimes twice a day ... Well, I can skip sometimes.. But on a good day, I would do ashtanga yoga or a mix with heat class. It helps me stay in a good place, in all sorts of different ways.


What music / specific songs have you been listening to lately?

K. — 6lack, king princess, Billie Ellish and Kevin George are my latest obsessions.


Your personal song of 2018... -?

K. — Lovesick by Kevin George, definitely!


What artists have you been inspired by lately, for your life and music? Is it the same music that you listen to for pleasure, as for work?

K. — I wouldn’t separate it.. Still and forever I love listening to Lana Del Rey and Nina Simone.. Just adding King Princess, Dua lipa and Carters :)


What about your everyday style? Do you work with any stylists taking care of your wardrobe, or image-makers, keeping KAIYA as a “brand”?

K. — Coming from the fashion world, I’m my own stylist. I’ve even done styling for some different photoshoots. But I also have a couple of great friends who are amazing stylists and are always ready to collaborate. So it’s an easy task:)


And the last but not the least question. I know you’ve gotten us spoiled already with a lot of new releases... so now we can’t wait for more! -When is your new song coming out?! :)

K. — It’s coming out next week! I am really excited about it! And thank you for remembering and asking me! it’s so sweet and so motivating...


Thank you, KAIYA! We are looking forward to hearing your new song, and it is great having you here with us again! It’s become such a good tradition!

K. — Thank You, guys! I am always happy to be here! And yes, I love this tradition:))



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