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Bencjones Kicks Off With Catchy "Shutting It Down"

January 22, 2019



The first single from Bencjones' upcoming album "Just One Gun" out 6.2.19, "Shutting It Down" offers lots of promise from this Texas rocker out of Ft. Worth. 


"it’s very upbeat and makes you feel positive." 

"This song is pure fire, and it is a pure indie rock gem, with some awesome melodies and amazing guitar tones. This song makes me think of bands like The Films or The Fratellis, but with a more hard-rocking vibe that almost makes me think of Taking Back Sunday, especially in the way the vocals have so much passion and intensity, making the song one of the catchiest on the album!"


Bencjones is a child of music. His parents were both music majors when they met in college and you could say that he wasborn with grooves in his blood. He’s since developed into a talented multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and songwriter with a style that blends Alternative, Pop, Alt-Country and Indie Rock influences into unique original music.






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