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Brooklyn-based singer & songwriter ALЁNA releases her debut single “FEEL IT”

January 17, 2019



   Brooklyn-based singer & songwriter ALЁNA releases her debut single “FEEL IT” ALЁNA is a Brooklyn-based pop/electro/deep house singer and songwriter. She started to play piano and sing when she was 6, and by the time she graduated from music school she was performing at various concerts and theaters across Europe. She did some acting and had a few small roles in TV shows based out of Moscow. At the age of 17 she moved to the USA and graduated with an International Business Degree from a college in Boston, Mass.


The whole time she was writing a lot of music and poetry but it never felt like the right time for her to step out of her home-studio and share her art with the world. Then she met Brooklyn-based electronic producer ÅMBE, an Independent Music Award winning singer and composer. Creatively the combination was explosive and together with åMBE's production partner, Grammy winning producer and songwriter ADMRL, they began working on an album of music. From that moment everything felt like all the pieces of the puzzle were coming together.

They started to record a few songs in the studio, and the first result is ALЁNA’s debut single “Feel it”, a fresh and catchy pop/deep-house track with an extensive modern vocabulary and intricate vocal production.

Now ALЁNA is heading back into the studio to work on her upcoming EP which is going to come out this summer.









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