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KAIYA’s new release is coming out today on the Russian/Ukrainian Old New Year!

January 14, 2019


Hi Kaiya! Happy New Year! You had such a great year, and 2019 seems to be taking off quite awesomely for you already!!

We are so excited about your new elease. We can only imagine how excited you are! Tell us a few words about how you are feeling.

— Thank you so much, it’s such a magical feeling, like a flock of butterflies in your stomach... feels unreal and precious.


It is your very first cover, right? Why, and what is the story hiding behind you choosing to do this exact song?

— It’s actually a secret, but I’ll tell you.. I did this cover a couple of years ago for someone I was so in love with... it was a present. The person it was meant for, surprisingly enough, didn’t know the original song, so he thought I wrote and even played it all myself, specifically for him, from lyrics to melody.. and every word.. So I had no way back but to start writing my own songs.. We didn’t get to release “young and beautiful“ then, we started to write, record and release some original music. And only recently it felt for us like it was the the right time to do it - to release “young and beautiful“ as a cover. That’s why this song will always be so special to me... because of the love story and the funny story behind it, and because it made me write my own songs. It literally makes me tear up a bit every time I hear it...


Such a story! It’s amazing!

Anything else you’ve been keeping from us... that you've been secretly working on?

— Too many things at the same time.. Still getting ready for a collaboration with a rapper.. Working on another music video, writing a new song, and a couple of remixes are on the plate as well...

Your first official music video looks gorgeous. It has a strong fashion type of influence. Which is probably quite in style with modern music video making as well. Are you planning to also use it for your modeling?

— Fashion is a part of me, it’s one of my art projects. I don’t really separate music and fashion, on the contrary, I combine them. That’s why it looks the way it does, and yes it represents me how I am - which is both, a musician and a fashion person.


Any new lyric videos? We love those you already have.

— Most definitely, more lyric videos will be coming with new songs.


Music videos?

— Yes, yes... Some are nearing the completion stage already, and some are just in the ideation state. I am constantly trying to catch the best moments of creativity and talent as they are surrounding me here in NYC.))


Your new release is coming out today, on the Russian/Ukrainian Old New Year (by Julian calendar). What was your Christmas/New Year wish? Is there anything about music? What are your professional goals for this year, in music, modeling and life overall? We work with Santa sometimes.. We could probably whisper a word for you.. ;)

— That would be super nice of you! :) I would love to collaborate with some fashion brands. And record a song, let’s say maybe with Kevin George.. I’m kind of obsessed with his “Lovesick“. Do you think it’s too much for Santa? I believe anything is possible.. I believe in hard work and I do believe that some miracles may happen.


We do believe it too! Thank you KAIYA! Congratulations on your new release, and Happy New Year both, New New one, and Old New one! :))

— Thank you very much! It was a pleasure. And of course, Happy New Year!



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