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Black Elektronika Presents New Ep “Too soon”

November 10, 2018



4 tracks
released 9 nov
production studio funkhaus Berlin
Ep is dedicated to Black Elektronika younger brother Chima who died at the age of
23 of arrhythmia.

About the production

the sounds where sounds i recorded with field recorder in the metropolitan city of
Berlin almost every thing in this Ep where hand made sounds Kick/Base/hats etc 

i also used some synthesizers names
1.KORG MS 20


i wanted to push my production to another level after i got the field recorder i started
to realize more sounds for me music has alway been about sounds with the right
sounds comes the ideas.On the spot i lost my brother an them everything change i
started shifting more in to a darker part it was like i was writing my or producing my
pain and frustration sound started changing.


1. Lucy is about wandering to a place with no destination but u are out there but can’t
connect with the real world 

2. End of me it simple your freedom could be the end of you of some else 

3. I know you want what she want she get no matter what and she don’t say sorry 

4.too soon everything fading/breaking bit by bit u disconnecting from everything feel
far away from everybody. 

This is the feeling i get from this project.
i hope this help. when finish it up with ur super knowledge.thanks






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