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"You Matter" New Single By Carolee Rainey

November 7, 2018


Who Am I?

Sometimes I still ask myself that question but more times than not I don't worry about that anymore because I'm too focused on the journey that's in front of me.A long time ago when I thought I knew everything, I paid some serious dues playing every stinking bar/hotel and streets in the US. Someone had to do it.....


After my publishing deals, almost record deals and almost everything else I decided to bag music and swore I would never do it again...even crossed it off my "to do" list!
Became a serious fine art painter and photographer and put my soul into becoming a mom, my most treasured and honorable role. One day, the paintbrush out of thin air
stopped calling my name without warning, I was choked up and felt lost. Even though mommyhood was my proudest achievement, I had to have a passion and the paintbrush was leaving me
behind like any other lover.


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