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The Krickets are sharing their new single "Redbird"

October 13, 2018


The title track of their beautiful forthcoming album, which is the final song on their beautiful forthcoming album Redbird, tells an incredible sonic story. It Begins with a beautiful acapella moment, each voice feels like it is being given its very own stage, and we are watching. The subtle beat kicks in, and suddenly it sounds like we are concluding a long journey home. The women of the Krickets express this rare gift of giving each listener a chance to change the setting they are in, and mentally go somewhere else, by listening to their music. The listener can envision themselves looking out to the horizon, and feeling hopeful for the future, and free in the present. The song is upbeat, comforting, and uplifting, while tugging at your strings emotionally with their lyrics. It was no mistake that this song landed the final slot on the record, Redbird, in fact it is clear that The Krickets planned that out methodically. It is also clear that this record as a whole, was crafted carefully, executed confidently, and presented gracefully.  


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