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Parallel Universe from KAIYA and ÅMBE

September 7, 2018


The latest release for NY-based electronic artist KAIYA is out. And if you think it’s your ordinary remix, another electronic track you are wrong. Another dimension, alternate reality for “GIMME”, original KAIYA’s song put out at the beginning of the year, written and produced by ÅMBE, finds its new creative universe of existence in this new track that was just released on ADIM Records. Here everything works perfectly to make it quite an impression. KAIYA’s etherial artistry. The name of the record label itself: "A" (for alternate) “ DIM" (for dimension). And if you have ÅMBE create or build it, expect for unexpected, but surely unique and amazing, “one and only” kind of thing. Masterful bending rules of genres and forms from the very beginning is her now-how. And KAIYA’s gut was right ones again who she trusts her secret inner world to share with. KAIYA is Ukrainian-born NY-based music artist, painter and model, whose style is known for its light and fresh sound, crisp and tasteful electronics, elegantly combined with beautiful melodies and emotional songwriting.


P.S. We promise, you will want to have it on repeat, playing it over and over again.. (that’s what we are doing today instead of working….)



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