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KAIYA releases a super hot remix for "Gimme" by ÅMBE & ADMRL

August 16, 2018


Interview with KAIYA who just released a super hot remix for "Gimme" by ÅMBE & ADMRL


Your remix for “GIMME” is out! Congratulations!! How are you feeling?

-- It feels so good! Thank you so much for your love I am super excited!



Tell us this: the original song GIMME is so sunny, light and easy.. (though a bit tricky lol), and the mood here in the remix is much deeper.. It’s vulnerable.. Beautiful and tender sadness instead of a playful smile. Any comments? ..:))


-- Originally, the way I wrote the song, it was exactly the story I was telling there. You might think is was sweet.. But even then, if you listen to it a bit more closely, you can hear that same thing.. It’s just more obvious in the remix, that sadness and vulnerability. Without trying to be dramatic it has always had some melancholy and fear. Looking for the answer but hitting the same wall over and over again..



ÅMBE and ADMRL - how did this happen to the remix?! ))


-- We were simply working together. First ÅMBE did a beautiful production, with a totally new different feel for the song.. like R&B, a bit jazzy kind of mood. And then ADMRL (aka Brian Forbes) added his magic with some drums and sounds. I am very happy about the result! I love it a lot.



Are you releasing another GIMME remix as well? Tell us about it!


-- Yes, and pretty soon actually! As we were working on this remix, I got an idea to also do an electronic dance one. So we decided to do a second remix in a completely different vibe and mood. As you know it happens quite often in a creative process, when you think you work on one thing, and then you end up who knows where! In our case it ends up being two new beautiful worlds for “GIMME”. I feel so excited and happy to share them both with you!



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