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New Video for New Song "Road Not Taken" - Tres Hanley Millman

July 7, 2018


ROAD NOT TAKEN is the second song in the trilogy of pre-releases from Tres Hanley-Millman’s upcoming album’ Shades of Darkness’ (release date early 2019). It follows the single “Fade to Black’ -a tribute to her friend, the late award winning film composer Bernardo Bonezzi. 

“Shades of Darkness” is Miss Hanley-Millman’s forth album, but her first venture as a songwriter.

Miss Hanley who is best known for her work in TV in the UK, has her roots in theatre. This inspired her 1st album in 2006, titled Très Broadway.

The bulk of her recording work has been geared to theatre audiences and showcased her soaring soprano and glitzy coloratura vocals. Most notably in her European dance single “Dance of the Euro Diva” (2007). The international collaboration paired her with Asian rapper Burch and French composer Eric Serra. Mr Serra originally penned the piece for the Bruce Willis film ‘The Fifth Element’.

This time around she promises something very different in the easy listening pop genre. With a focus on her first major outing as a lyricist, she teams up once again with arranger composer Daniel Moctezuma. The team previously wrote the title track on her 2013 theatrical release “A Siren’s Odyssey”. They are composing all but 3 tracks on SHADES OF DARKNESS.

The complete album is due out late 2018/early 2019. However you can get a taster of by checking out “Fade to Black” and the new release “Road Not Taken” which officially drops July 6th.


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