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Nina Creese and New Single "It's Like Everytime"

June 7, 2018


New music video by New York artist, Nina Creese for her single "It's Like Everytime" which was featured on The Chi season 1 episode 9. Nina exudes musical creativity and emotion as she journeys through New York landscape painting the picture for her new single.


Nina Creese | "It's Like Everytime" [Single featured on SHOWTIME "The Chi" Season 1 ]


Nina Creese | "It's Like Everytime"

Written & Performed by Nina Creese

Produced by BeatsByBeemen

Recorded & Mixed by Nina Creese @ MusicWorksNYC

Mastering by Alex Psaroudakis

Video Directed & Produced by Qase Media & Violetta Lazé

Executive Producer: Chris Theberge

© Copyright Music Works Records

All Rights Reserved.


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