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Cozmic “Not Ready For Summer”

May 11, 2018



Two and a half years ago, pop vocalist, songwriter, and producer, ManishTandon, locked himself away in a house in Venice, California, and lived like ninja. He beganeach morning promptly at 4:30 AM with yoga and meditation. Then, with fiery determination, hewould practice and write music. The artist, who splits his time between Venice Beach, Californiaand Brooklyn, New York, was on a quest to mine a new strain of pop music. A broadly resonantaesthetic brimming with soulfulness, bold artistry, integrity, intriguing musical twists, and lyricsthat offer comfort and wisdom through exploring relationships and personal revelation.

The music would reflect an intersection of a profound inner journey and an eclectic musicaltrajectory. The culmination of this creative cocooning is the electro-pop project Cozmic.

“I believe in the power of music to transform: transform a bad mood into a good one or change achallenging time into reflection and inspiration. I want to break through the noise, connect withlisteners on a visceral level and help them process the rollercoaster ride of emotions and life."

Cozmic's latest single "Not Ready for Summer" is out now! Enjoy this warm pop summer anthem infused with an electro-pop medley and a hint of funk.


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