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Brit Drozda and New EP "You Can't Take It With you When You Go"

May 11, 2018

 Brit’s latest collection of songs are catchy, upbeat, rock anthems accompanied by dreamyballads with nods to folk and country through strings and slide guitar.

In these songs, Brit finds a powerful, uplifting voice. Her title track offers reminders to hold on tothe important treasures in life that aren’t necessarily “things” but the people and the emotionsthat connect us to one another.

On this EP, Brit’s voice shines with a depth and intensity that demonstrates the growth of aninspired songwriter and seasoned performer. Through You Can’t Take it With You When You Goand her continued motivation to write and record music, Brit journeys on and encourages herlisteners to join her wherever life’s inspiration may lead.

“Every day is a gift, make the most of it. If my songs are a legacy I leave behind, I want topositively influence my friends and family and my listeners. This song reminds me to “give yourall until that last breath, every step is a lesson, don’t regret not taking it”. I was trying to get tothe root of what matters most to me, and what I hope my kids care about most when they aregrown. I want them to value the journey, the mistakes that make life all the better when you’vemastered a challenge or survived a tough time. I want them to respect


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