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New Album: Nothing But You – “I Love You On My Own”

April 5, 2018

Nicky can sing anything.It’s a combination of her pre-“Meant To Be” album and karaoke roots and the richness of her powerful voice that makes her one of the most versatile singers around. However, on her new album “I Love You On My Own,” her first original album, Nicky is focusing on a more soulful sound than usual and the results are stunning.


When you initially start to play the album, you hear an intro track. Although not a new technique for artists, it’s just one way that shows Nicky wants to stand out and be unique. She takes the retro-soul vibe to the next level with the gorgeous “Lips”. Nicky isn’t content with simply mining old-school soul, though. She looks to innovate, as she does in “Keep The Way,” where she takes a throwback soul arrangement and adds intricate, to create something new.

Right after comes “On My Own,” the lead single which has been playing more frequently on the radio in the past few months and is proving to be the song to come to the most acclaim. Nicky’s vocals are the most striking in the song overall, as she shows off with a significant amount of runs and a more than decent show of her vocal range. And on the ballad “I Follow You” she goes full Mariah Carey, showcasing her multi-octave range and walking the line between vulnerability and defiance in a way that is as timeless as Carey’s debut.

Next comes “Tell Me,” whose lyrics are clever and witty. Sizzling lines like “Close your eyes, Don’t you know, You are not alone” and “Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me that no matter what you’ll never say forgive me” define the song. Like many other songs, keeping up with the more “soul” vibe, comes a prominent horn section.

Meanwhile, “Just For Tonight” comes in and sounds like older Nicky with an updated and modern vibe. It’s one proves she can be successful doing what she always has done while adding a new and unique twist to her music that draws us back in.

Overall, all the songs on this album are well-done and Nicky continues to impress with her vocals in all regards.

Nicky has had finer singles, but “I Love You On My Own” is the best album of her career, a chance to declare her ambitions and deliver on them time and time again for her most cohesive album yet.


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