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JOEL, “So Young” off new album ‘Seasons Change’

March 20, 2018

Prodigiously gifted singer, songwriter and guitarist Joel Hernandez is just 20, but the pop-rockwunderkind has already absorbed a lifetime of music. Growing up in El Campo, Texas, hesoaked up the region’s diverse soundscapes. Through his multi-generational musician family, helearned how to be a thoughtful and emotive songwriter.!

Joel’s debut is rife with standout tracks. On the bluesy pop rocker “So Young,” he shares a wisebeyond-his-years perspective on young relationships. “That’s about living in the moment withthe people in your life because, as bitter sweet as it is, you know they’ll leave your orbit soon,”Joel says. The amorous “It’s Only You” smoothly melds urban pop to atmospheric rock. Theafter-the-love-is-gone ballad “Where Are You Now?” tugs at your heartstrings and sticks in yourears like a Top 40 hit from the future. The anthemic “Spirit Of Summer” celebrates being youngwith irresistible pop-rock hooks and undeniable melodies. Joel showcases his bluesy roots on“Can’t Get Through” which boasts a sleek pop chorus a la John Mayer.!


“The album reflects all the different styles of music I grew up with. Back home, you could go out
any night of the week and catch two-step music, blues, hard rock, salsa, and Tejano. All these
flavors shaped me, and that’s the diversity I wanted to share on my album,” Joel says.!

This is Joel’s first foray in the pop-rock arena, and he’s doing it with an album of flair, dimension
and depth. Joel reflects on this milestone saying: “This is a big step to a career in music, and I’m
so excited to get out there and share this album with everyone. It feels like this has been a
lifetime in the making.”!


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