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Carolee Rainey Presents New Single “Empower”

March 20, 2018

Long ago in an earlier lifetime of performing, Carolee Rainey did a lot of busking, playing bars,hotels and cruise ships. There were publishing deals, almost record deals, voice over's inmovies and a job as A&R for Atlantic Nashville out of LA. It was a wildly creative time.!

Eventually, the tides changed as they so often do, and she found myself immersed in a differentlife of painting and photography. It was deeply satisfying and full of soul searching. She believesthe solitude of being a painter and the exploration of a unique style of painting offered her adifferent perspective to songwriting. One art form feeds the other. Not sure if its an innate senseof restlessness or if the winds just knew when to be summoned, but eventually she put thepaintbrush aside in search of a different kind of canvas and palette.!

At a particularly low point when she was sure the tide would never come in again, a friend tookher to a Rickie Lee Jones concert. Carolee walked into that concert became transformed,transfixed and re-ignited during those 90 minutes. She ran back to her dusty piano and startedwriting songs again. It was like coming home. Before she knew it she had written 80 songs in sixmonths and knew she had to make a CD so she could sell something at gigs. It became a largerthan life project and she poured every bit of energy to make it the best album she could.!

Carolee is working with some seriously amazing NYC players; pianist Clifford Carter (JamesTaylor), drummer Doug Yowell ( Suzanne Vega), bass player Richard Hammond ( Hamilton) andguitarist Thad Debrock (Comet 1812). It was masterfully produced and engineered by Grammyand Oscar winner Robert L. Smith at Avatar Studios.!

Carolee on “Empower”: “One day when I was working out on the treadmill I started writing thissong I call ‘Empower’ because the TV on the treadmill was interviewing this lady who wastalking about empowerment becoming a real movement and she totally inspired me. Now, I wantto pay it forward and inspire all of you to take a deep breath just like I did and tackle someunfinished dream inside your soul fearlessly. I really want to hear what you come up with.Please share with me.“!

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