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Meet Aryeh - unique Jewish singer & cantor

February 21, 2018

—Hi Aryeh! Thanks so much for coming! It’s a pleasure to have you here.

Thanks for inviting me!


—Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?


My name is Aryeh Leib Hurwitz. I'm a Jewish singer and Cantor, and I had the opportunity to sing and inspire people around the states and beyond such as in Canada, South Africa, Berlin, Budapest. I specialize in Jewish music, but I occasionally sing Broadway, Opera, Israeli and pop music.


—That’s awesome. When and why did you start singing?


At the age of 16 I performed my first paid gig in a small synagogue in Palm beach Florida. I new the nusach (literature) and I always felt I can sing, so I accepted the job, and from there I started doing small gigs in synagogue settings.

At the age of 20 I decided to do this more professionally and I learned voice with opera singers and teachers and really started developing my voice and musicality from there. I attended BEls School of Music where I studied music for quiet some time. 


—What was the first tune you learned?


It's hard to say as there are so many. The first song I performed though, was "Sheyiboneh Beis hamikdash", the same song that's being released this month. But with a new twist and completely different style.


—So your debut single is coming out? When? 

Yes, it’s actually coming out on February 25th.


—Just in a few days!?



—That’s some really exciting news! How are you feeling about that?


Very excited and happy that it’s happening.


—I bet!  ...And what about your family? Are they musical?


My Paternal grandmother had a beautiful voice, her family is musical. Her father was a violinist. He perform a lot, and even was forced to perform against his wishes for the SS soldiers in Ukraine. It's a long story. But he was very musical as were his extended family.

—Oh my.. That is such a story… This world is totally crazy, and human history is really terrifying… 



—What about other musicians.. which famous musicians do you admire? 


In the cantorial world it's Cantor Josef Rosenblatt Moshe Oysher and Moshe Kousovitzky. They are my favorite, I can hear them sing all day. There are others that I admire for their voice and musicality such as Luciano Pavarotti, Frank Sinatra. Another very notable singer I really admire in the Jewish music world is superstar Avraham Fried, I grew up on his music.


—Ah cool.. I’m gonna Google them later.  Do you think you have learnt from them? 


Oh yes. I learned a lot from so many singers. Everyone offers a different approach to music in general, but I enjoy learning from tenors such as Moshe Kousovitzky, Pavarotti, Dudu Fisher.

There are other musicians such as Leanord Bernstein who is just a pure artist, whom I strive to learn from.


—What are you currently working on? New music? New music videos?


I'm now working on 2 singles. Each very different styles. One of them will be a music video that I plan on releasing this month as well.


—Sounds like you are having an amazing month with two releases coming out - your debut single and your music video!


Can’t complain.. And it’s just the beginning, there are so many things to get done and accomplished. But this is what I love doing most of all and where my heart is.


—We all can’t wait to hear your song and to see your music video! At least there are only a few days left to wait. 


That’s nice to hear, thank you. 


—Your plans for 2018?


It's a grind. Everyday I can work on music is a blessing. My goal is to release 4 tracks in 2018. Most cantorial music released today is old material redone. My plan is to change that notion, create NEW music, new songs, and new compositions.


—We sincerely wish you the best of luck and success! And please come back to us to chat some more and to share your awesome news! 


Thank you! I really appreciate it. I will come back very soon!


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