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Charming KAIYA and her interview

February 14, 2018

KAIYA - a truly special electronic indie pop artist located in New York. Today, on Valentine's Day we'll have a chance to ask her a few questions about her new song “Gimme” recently released on ADIM Records, as well as her new video coming out today.


Hi KAIYA! Thanks for finding some time for us!

Hi guys! The pleasure is all mine! :)


Btw, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Oh yes, Happy Valentine’s Day to you too:))


So tell us how has your 2018 started?

It started with me being stuck in Aruba, listening to my just-released new song, standing in the line trying to change my ticket for the 3rd time.. sharing music with people and laughing at life. A lot of fun as you can tell! :)


Did you make a wish for 2018? If it’s not a secret, can you tell us?

I make wishes every day)))


What is the feedback of the audience to your new single Gimme?

I’ve been getting a lot of love and support. From my friends and fans, from music magazines and blogs.. It feels very encouraging! I also like that some of them seem to like the first song more, others - the second one, and some of them have the remix of the first song as their favorite. I am always interested to know what they think and how they feel about my music. I personally not a big fan when you listen to an artist and it feels like all songs are the same, having the same vibe, doing the same thing that maybe worked once. I love experimenting!


When is the lyric video coming out?

It’s coming out today, on Valentine’s Day! The hugest present for myself :))


It truly is. What else are you working on at the moment?

I’be been working a lot on the live duo project with Åmbe. We are creating such experience as mixing together DJing and live performance. We are playingsome keys, drums and electronics, also doing some vocals and Åmbe’s electric violin..Apart from that we’ve been writing some new music, that you’ll hear very soon.


What are your plans for 2018?

I don’t make plans based on the timeline:) but my next big step would be to finish my EP, to release some amazing videos for the songs, perform live at the coolest places and to live my life for 500 %!


That’s awesome! Thank you so much KAIYA, we hope to see you again very soon. And we all are looking forward to seeing your new lyric video today!

Meanwhile, everyone go and check KAIYA’s song “GIMME”. You will love it!

Thank you guys! See you soon:)


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