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Stop.Drop.Rewind - "I Was A Portrait"

December 16, 2017

stop.drop.rewind is a progressive/powerpop band from Valparaiso, IN. ​Formed in 2008, members Kris Loh​n,​ DJ Crenson, ​Andy Sutton and Josh Andrews have since released four EPs: "Part of the Whole" (2012), "Smoke Signals (2014), “Polarity” (2016), and "SDR Saves Christmas" (2016).


They have performed in 12 states, and opened for The Misfits, Secondhand Serenade, Ronnie Winter, Hawthorne Heights, Amber Pacific, Real Friends, The Spill Canvas, among many others. 2016's EP “Polarity” was acclaimed by local media personalities and publications such as Tom Lounges (X-Rock, WLPR), John King (WVLP), the Broken Record Press, and landed them a spot on Pandora.


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