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Emil 13 presents "Rerun"

December 2, 2017

"Rerun" is for a bump session in the car with friends when you're trying take your energy up a level.

Talking about some unique life experiences, shade being thrown and trust issues while having a catchy hook to bring it all together.

Emil 13 on "Rerun"


You could say Emil was predestined to be onstage.

While he was a budding rapper in high school messing with rhyming in his buddy’s basement, he attended a concert where he severally injured his thumb after an ambitious crowd-surfing antic where he attempted to mount the stage.

Post high school, the pain from the injury truncated his desire to pursue a future in massage therapy, leaving him aimless and career less.

With nothing to lose, he turned to thing that gave him the most pleasure: rapping.



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