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Interview With KAIYA - New Electronic/indie-pop Artist based in NYC

September 5, 2017

• If you had a chance to create yourself and change anything... What would it be, if anything?

I would grow up in Amsterdam, have all my family there.. There is something about Holland that I love a lot actually, the culture, people, spirit .. So many things would be easier, my family could visit me anytime they want, I could stay with them as long as I want, working and being closer to them. Because I miss them and my close friends from home very much. But it’s unfortunately very hard for them to come here, and I have nothing to do with what I do in Ukrainian. It makes me sad quite often. Or I would also change Ukraine to be a safe place to live. I want to see my county with growing economy and parliament that cares about people and supports young talents and technical progress.



• If you could time-travel, where and when would you go to get inspired for your new album?

Maybe 175 years ahead into the future. I would also go to Venice back in time and got inspired by those outstanding vibes ...


• If you had a chance to be anyone in the world ever, any musician or singer who ever lived... Who would it be, if anyone?

If it’s about the voice and songs, I tremendously love Amy Winehouse. She was such a genius. Unfortunately I never had a chance to see her live and meet her in real life. And it’s just too bad that she wasn't a happy person.. she didn't want any of that.. And I assume It wouldn't be my choice to be in her shoes. 
I adore Nina Simone.. But she wasn’t happy either.. She hated what she had to do, to be doing it because she HAD. Looks like people I admire the most didn’t have the life you would envy.. 
I think I would just be myself, my best self, enjoying working and progressing.


• Is there any song that you would feel sorry that it was not you who wrote or performed it?

It would be “Good to love” by FKA twigs, I can listen to this one forever!


• If you met yourself 5/10 years ago, what would you suggest/tell yourself?

Wake up before 10am and start your day earlier :))
You see, I just love being in my dreams, especially in good ones.. I just keep watching them :)))


• If you could ask yourself from the future one question, what would you ask?
Why don't u clone yourself and live a couple of times?  I might... 


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