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Discover "RUN" by TENNIN's New Single

September 1, 2017

This track is an overview of how the next EP will sound, which is planned to be released during the next fall. The French artist will bring her new project, many secrets to life. Her music is a combination of pop, trip-hop and many other genres, and her recipe seems to be her own.



Mysterious music TENNIN immerses us in its own universe. Her creations are journeys through his thoughts, doubts and his inner voice.

Tennin is influenced by Trip-hop, Hip-Hop, and alternative and experimental currents. She sails between different genres and inspirations that can go from Björk to James Blake via Tricky or Massive Attack.

A French artist from southern France, Tennin currently lives in Paris. She began music at the age of 12 with violin and singing lessons at the National School of Music of the Tarn.

A few years and several experiments later, Tennin decides to launch seriously and publishes for the first time on the canvas a piece entitled Dichotomy. It will be relayed early 2015 on several blogs and will appear on the playlist of Inrocks Lab. This same year will also be the occasion for the singer to climb on the stage of La Cigale (900 people), mythical Parisian venue, as part of an event dedicated to female artists.

From 2016, Tennin is invited to perform for several Villa Schweppes events (BPM 2016 at the 1988 Club in Rennes in warm up for Ben Clock, Sofitel Marseille Spring 2017). One of these lives will be broadcast live on Radio Nova. She then collaborated on several tracks, including "Our House", aired on French national television France 24.

Following various concerts in Paris, Hamburg and London, Tennin is ready to officially release her first project in autumn 2017.


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