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Meet a new EP from Uyoka "Jupitersong"

August 3, 2017

"Jupitersong", written and performed by Uyoka; produced by Sinima Beats; engineered by Uyoka.

The planet, Jupiter, signifies knowledge, higher learning, exploration, and expansion. So "Jupitersong" is music that you can think and reflect to. With this album, I express myself through various styles of music and explore the various dimensions of my voice. I'm influenced by all music styles, and I enjoy bringing each one into my music to create something unique.

"Jupitersong" is also a peek inside of my head. These particular songs were written during my late twenties. And during that time, I reflected a lot upon who I am, what I've done, what I want to accomplish, and the type of person that I want to be.

'Jupitersong' explores my introspective thought process, and I hope it gives listeners a chance for them to stop and think, even if it's just for a little while. It's so important to take that time and really get in touch with yourself. And who knows - you might also discover something new!



     Alternative singer-songwriter, Uyoka, is an artist of many faces. Her eclectic music style - brought to life by her captivating contralto vocals - fuses rock with elements from multiple music genres to create a style that is all her own.

Uyoka is a self taught musician, and her influences include a broad and disparate list of artists, ranging from Linkin Park and Tracy Chapman to Hikaru Utada and Mariah Carey. Her evocative lyrics are rooted in emotive poetry, which she began writing at age 14.

When it comes to her music, Uyoka's songs are as explorative as her sound. The singer-songwriter is an adventurous risk-taker, boldly pushing beyond the expected. Her thought-provoking music resonates with listeners, who join her on a sonic journey into the world around her - and within her.Uyoka is Uyoyoghene Nneka Atto, also known as Nneka Atto.

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