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Perhaps the best thing you've heard. Disconnected Genius - Nirvikalpa Meow

July 25, 2017

Disconnected Genius is an eclectic 3 piece hypnotic rock band from Melbourne, Australia, who generally utilize a Loud Chorus / Soft Verse dynamic,

Whilst going down melancholic piano alleys almost as often as delving into punk rock slices of pi.

Disconnected Genius' eagerly unanticipated 2nd LP, Nirvikalpa Meow, will be released on the 11th of November, 2017.  This follows their 2016 debut, Dogs Chasing Fairy Tales.


Disconnected Genius:

Jamie O’Keefe – Vocals / Guitar / Piano

Yuri Pavlinov – Bass / BV’s

Daniel Farrugia – Drums / Percussion


A few tracks from the album

The work and the whole album have many good sides, music, vocals, mixing.
In general, the work leaves only positive feelings, raises the mood, the performance of musicians gives the work the right to be considered a rare pearl in the treasury of musical works. We do not regret at all that we have devoted our time to the creativity of musicians. What we really regret about is that there was no chance to personally attend the concerts and performances of the guys. I hope, someday this case will turn up.


The AMTI team strongly recommends listening, as we have no doubt that in the near future, this guy is the star in the world.


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