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Pacifico is the stunning debut recording from singer-songwriter Brice Sedgwick, available from July 7th.

July 22, 2017

Pacifico flows as an alternative pop record that takes its musical cues from hip hops beats and industrial synths, to bluegrass mandolins and psychedelic rock, and beautifully incorporates cinematic strings reminiscent of classic Hollywood. Pacifico also has a guest feature by LA based singer Mozes. 


Stand out songs include Tortoiseshell Sky, which fuses psychedelic rock guitar, cinematic strings and a narcoleptic hip hop beat, Starry Night, a beautifully visceral ballad, and Midnight In Echo, an ode to the east side suburb of Echo Park, Los Angeles.


       The entirety of the album has been written by Sedgwick working in studios across London, Los Angeles, and Melbourne, and details his experiences of love, both lost and found.


Initial reviews have been glowing: “The result is absolutely excellent” (Band Camp Diaries), “This is an album that has its route planned to perfection” (Dancing About Architecture), “It’s remarkably rare to see an independent artist with this cohesive of a debut album. It’s well worth the time os any indie music fan” ( Pacifico is available on iTunes from July 7th, 2017.

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