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New Single! Nadia - "I Left My Heart in California"

July 18, 2017

This summer, as temps go up, Nadia has a sonic experience to help you cool down. Her new single "I Left My Heart in California" instantly places you in a different state. The track opens with the sounds of waves crashing against a beach. The slow and mellow tempo are evocative of the laidback lifestyle Californians are so fortunate to experience. Nadia’s opening lyrics recall a perfect day in the Golden State, a trip to a trendy coffee shop and shopping at a sun drenched farmers market. As her lyrics reveal that she "left her heart in California", the song takes on new depth and meaning.


Nadia is an epic pop singer songwriter. Her distinctive style, marked by haunting melodies, invites her listeners on a journey through mystery and discovery. In her songwriting, she illustrates scenes in musical form by blending orchestral and sound design elements with her lyrics and melodies. Nadia is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and is now a recording artist based out of New York.


"There are so many stories that have yet to be told, and even more that are waiting to be sung. Music moves the heart in ways that words cannot, so I must write as many as I can while I'm still able to. Storytelling is the legacy I want to leave when my days are over."


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