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Charles Luck: Lead Poet, Songwriter, Composer, and Platoon Leader Of Black Astronaut Records.

July 15, 2017

Black Astronaut Is An Unprecedented Musical Collective Comprised of Lead Songwriter Charles Luck, Rapper/Singer/Producer Tino Red, Rappers Gyro, JonJo/InZane, and B Daz. Ex Members Include Pastor C, Sticky Bud, Vedo and FlipLeaf. The group has 5 singers: Muze, Jonathan BT, Cyr, Zack David, and Addie. We specialize in true hip hop and EDM along with strong classic rock influences.


We are influenced by artists as varied as Eminem to The Beatles to Avicii. Black Astronaut is a music lovers dream come true, because we are ever expanding and mixing new genres in an attempt to reignite music. Let's face it, it's pretty bad right now. We are based out of Atlanta but our artists come from Chicago, Kentucky, Bristol, London, Germany, Sweden, Philadelphia and more. We don't even know where Addie is from. We hope to reintroduce lyric focused rap music to the new generation for the good of the spirit of hip hop and music in general. In other words, I would say, we are the last people to say we have the answers to life and the worlds problems, but to us it FEELS like music is a big part of the answer, whatever that "answer" is. So we take what we do pretty fucking serious. And if you don't, you should. Ninja. -CL


(Tracks That Say Charles Luck & (Artist) Were Written By Both Of Them)



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