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Roberto Fasciani is a popular Italian bass player, arranger, composer.

July 1, 2017

Roberto Fasciani is a popular Italian bass player, arranger, composer. His admiration extends beyond the boundaries of Italy. He is appreciated for his instrumental skills by all of his audience. He has earned his name as a skilled bass player and his expertise in bass can encompass the listener in the beautiful melodies generated from alluring mixture of bass strings.


Early Life

Roberto was born in 1979. He took start of his career at a very tender age of just fifteen years. Got graduate Music, in Rome, where now he’s a greatly appreciated music teacher (alongside an amazingly skilled musician and composer, of course).

Career Events

During the start of his bass career, Roberto got a chance to perform with many eminent personalities. There is a quite long list of them. Few of those noteworthy names are: Michael Angelo Batio; Leon Hendrix (brother of the legendary Jimi); Graham Oliver (Saxon), Stan Skibby, BFH (Maurizio Boco and Mats Hedberg); Fabio Frizzi and Octopus Orchestra; Dogmate; Los Bastardos; Orchestra Nazionale; Marco Conidi; Novembre; AIIR; Hydra; Echoes of Sound; Nicola Giannelli; Milena Angelè; Edoardo Ravaglia and Gianluca Costa; Steel Seal; Dunwich; Aenema; JS; Black Stars and Vatna Jokull.


He made a substantial start to his bass career. Since that, his career and popularity is growing lofty and higher with each passing day.

That day is not far when we would see him on the climax of music instrumental players.


To give a glimpse of his skills, he had taken the token of finalist in 2005. A contest was held as “Euro Bass Day”. He has also stayed as a manager of “Guitar and Bass”. Nowadays he is having his instrumental plays with Dogmate, Los Bastardos, Frizzi 2 Fulci , Ilenia Volpe,  Fulvio Feliciano and Pino Liberti and more..

Roberto’s agenda goes for both the recordings sessions and live performances.


Roberto had been always energetic throughout his musical profession. He had been taking part in lots of other music proceedings like competitions.

These things all together made his road to refinement of his bass playing skills to excellence.

He attends lots of seminars in this regard also.


A proficient teacher

Roberto’s liveliness is not only confined to playing bass. He takes out his time and teaches skills to the students. He is sharing with his students this art of bass playing also. His current teaching activities includes, as a music instrumental teacher, a relevant work at the Artidee, Music Village Institute and Octopus Music Factory 


He is an aesthetically minded teacher. He prefers to divide course between various custom and random methods. They are the standard course and various courses of music styles, respectively. Students can easily choose the topic they want to study. He is now intending to publicize his personalized methods called ‘Rhythmic Studies for Electric Bass’.


These methods are directed towards learning of tempo and rhythmic divisions, in music. Further it gets divided into three sections.


1. Solfege

2.Original song score

3. Creation of grooves and fills.


He has got a lot of diversity in his music. He can aptly perform all sorts of music like classic, jazz, progressive rock, funk, pop and Latin in all schools. This is a very characteristic feature that can be associated with very few artists.

Importance of Bass Instrument

Sometimes, there might come a problem with music listeners. Many of them aren’t familiar with details of music genre. They often fail to identify the tones of bass in music; somebody don’t understand the importance of instrumentations is music. That is, bass is amplifying the melodies of the music. So, often the bass players are found struggling to get credits for themselves. But those who have sufficient information about music can appreciate the role of bass.


Well, for sure: they had been giving credits and appreciations to Robert Fasciani for his exemplary music, which puts up a gaze of surprise on the faces of people in audience who never knew before what magic bass adds in the music.


Dexterity is an important part of music that is depicted through his instrumental play.

He can literally put the audience into awe with his ample virtuosity.


He can throw off his energetic skills to swing in the grace of poetry.


We need bass players like Roberto Fasciani to keep adding the beautiful ambience to music. Artists like these have always been reasons to our appreciations of music.


These are the ones who keep adding the intricate rhythm to the music.




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