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Exclusive! "A Little Help From Above" by Lisa Marie Ellingsen

June 30, 2017

Singer-songwriter Lisa Marie Ellingsen’s alt-Americana sound has a timeless quality. Combining accomplished guitar playing with clear, heartfelt vocals, Ellingsen’s music is influenced by many uniquely American styles, including rock n’ roll, blues, folk, and country. The sound is refreshingly down-to-earth, with a quality reminiscent of her musical heroes Lucinda Williams and Kathleen Edwards.


Having begun as lead guitarist in various rock and Americana bands, Ellingsen branched off years ago to find her own path. Whether playing solo acoustic or with her band, Ellingsen writes with humble honesty about the pathos of life, moving listeners with her direct, no-frills style. Self-described as a “non-conformer,” Ellingsen’s music can be hard to pigeonhole, just like the songwriter. Many of Ellingsen’s songs draw on the universal journey to find comfort in one’s own skin, a theme that both empowers and brings a sense of community to her fans.A compilation of both old and new original songs, the upcoming Lisa Marie Ellingsen album “Nola to Noho” released May 19, 2017) is a tribute to the circuitous route the songwriter took as a musician.


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