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"9 Tattoos" by Christopher Hawley!

June 30, 2017

Venice Beach is famous for the performers who grace the boardwalk, the stoners and street characters who hang on the beach, and the surf culture that spawned a whole California sound. Christopher Hawley, a devoted surfer, guitarist, and singer-songwriter, is a Venice musician through and through. His new video for “9 Tattoos,”


“This video was a spontaneous creation. I've always wanted to see what might possible to capture on film right outside my front door in Venice at any given moment, mostly because whenever I leave my place, there's always something...this time it consisted of a Russian Instagram celebrity, local tattoo shops, some couchsurfing, rooftop poaching, and more tattoos than we could try to shoot.  


Christopher Hawley - 9 Tattoos

Much like the song itself, the video is rooted in FUN. There's no deep meaning, no storyline, just a slice of life on the Venice Boardwalk. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, and the director Travis and I walked down with just his camera and prior consent from the owner to shoot inside of one tattoo shop on the corner. We shot until we thought we had enough footage and then called it a day. His editing ties it all together, and since he's a local too, the Venice flavor shines through.”


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His new album Stories will come out on June 23, 2017


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