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KAIYA Presents New Single "GAMES"

May 29, 2017


KAIYA is a NewYork-based electronic-indie-pop artist. She was born in Ukraine and grew up in Europe, combining the residency in two worlds - professional modeling and fine arts. She has recently released her debut single “GAMES”, written and produced by a Brooklyn-based songwriter&producer ÅMBE. “GAMES” has already gotten some great feedback from music critics and audience for its sophisticated and catchy blend of beautiful songwriting and crispy electronic production. KAIYA’s vocal is tender and touching, naive and sultry, and you will recognize her unmistakably every time you hear her. That’s what makes it unique and personal. KAIYA’s debut EP is coming out this fall, and it’s something you shouldn’t miss. 


Where dance and fashion meet music...Where poetry and philosophy are united in all the shades of the black-and-white piano palette...Where the silhouette touches a hungry canvas...Where the soft velvet of the voice is intertwined with the silky strings of interlaced melodies...From this rich and delicate matrix of artistry, Kaiya is continuously born.


Her creativity takes its inspiration from old romantic french movies and performances by Serge Gainsbourg...Songs by Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse...The femininity of Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren...The elegant sophistication of Antonio Marras and Rocco Barocco's fashion design...Renaissance and Surrealist art...Klimt’s gilded paintings and Degas's

dancers...the classical ballet and poetry of the 20th century...The tenderness of falling leaves...The soft brilliance of sunsets.


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