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AMTI Presents New Artist - Victor Q2

May 17, 2017


Hailing from Southern California, 
Victor Quintero II is a songwriter/artist with a goal:

Tell a story with music.


Victor found a passion for creating music and began working with Will Carmack in 2013 at Fifty50Studios based out of Dallas, Texas. In early January the two began a creative process for almost 2 years. The two created Victor's first record, "Vegas Baby." After the success of creating music Victor released, "Drive all night." under the name Leo Indigo. In early 2015 Victor adopted stage names Leo Indigo and Victor Azul and Dr. Mezpop. As Victor began to focus on songwriting he used his legal name in 2017 he dropped his stage names and decided to go by Victor Q or Q for short as a cloud rap artist.


In 2016 Victor moved back to Southern California where he spent his time in multiple studios with many artists. In late March, Victor met with Producer Raz Klinghoffer and completed his first album as a songwriter, "Elation." Victor found his passion in hip-hop music at a young age where poetry was an inspiration to him along with story telling with a twist.

As a songwriter and artist, Victor is influenced by some of the most successful artist today which include, Kanye West, Lana Del Rey, M.I.A, Jay Z,Fat Joe,Zella Day and A$AP ROCKY.
With a diverse background Victor hopes to change the music industry's songwriting world with a song that can create a revolution in music not only as a songwriter but as an artist visually and sonically.



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