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Rising Americana Band, Angie and The Deserters Announce 2017’s Next Single and Video Titled, “Stay"!

March 16, 2017


We have repeatedly written about Angie and The Deserters Announce and are happy to introduce you their new single Stay.


(Los Angeles, CA) - With breathtaking vocals and breezy Americana melodies, Angie and The Deserters launch their new music video “Stay” on March 1st, 2017 from their latest six- song collection, You.  The music video exclusively premiered on The Alternate Root from February 24th to February 28th. “Stay” and their recent release “17 Days” are currently airing on 50 radio stations such as WQBR, KXCI, KJFC and more! The band is also climbing the AMA Charts, peaking at #67.


Americana singer-songwriter Angie Bruyere recreates lyrical themes of romantic desires and passions with her own personal poems; revealing a rhythmic beauty in each song. Angie partners with Guy Griffin to write a soulful combination of the heart’s longing for love in the band’s latest single “Stay.” Bruyere conveys each line with a delicate vocal delivery that is surrounded by enchanting musical arrangements. Angie’s meek yet wishful expression of her heart’s faint cry eagerly waits for someone to ask “Why don’t you stay?”  

Listen and you can buy from the following link itunes



Directed by Michael Schmidt (21 Days Under the Sky), the “Stay” video was filmed in Topanga Canyon at one of the bands favorite rehearsal studios. The stage is dressed with a dark curtain, acoustic instruments and candles as Angie and the Deserters closely circle around each other. It is an intimate visualization of a heartfelt and mesmerizing performance purely focusing on the beauty of the song itself.  Each angle in the video exemplifies the band member’s dedicated passion pouring into the music. 


Angie and The Deserters consists of Kyle Stevens (guitar), Danny Hulsizer (guitar), Chad Schlosser (bass, mandolin), Jinxx (violin, keyboard), Chris Lawrence (pedal steel) and Michael Johnson (percussion). The band’s latest single “17 Days” has amassed over 34K views on Facebook and YouTube and debuted #1 on Radio Indie Alliance Charts. Complementing the band's latest "17 Days" single, Razor Fish Reviews states, "This is as winning and heartfelt of a modern roots rocker that you will hear." For more information on Angie and The Deserters please visit the band’s official website at


WEBSITE: Angieandthedeserters


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