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Ulysses Presents Single "Resistance"

March 13, 2017


We have repeatedly written about the outstanding musician Ulysses and are happy to introduce you, his new single Resistance.
Deep sounding, as well as the depth of thoughts, make you think about the serious themes that Ulysses raises in his tracks.
The team of Amti recommends the musician Ulysses and his new work Resistance. All pleasant listening.


ULYSSES is music duo hailing from Boston MA. With their first project "Entendre," they set out to create a sound that is very unique in its own right. It follows a very trippy/tranquilizing/psychedelic path that will hit you like a ton of bricks It is ultimately a sound that is quite foreign yet oddly familiar. We recommend listening to entire "Entendre" project from front to back to get the full experience. 




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