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New Actor and New Music – "Blak Jak - TheyShouldKnow"

March 9, 2017


Reggae and hip hop fans should listen up for this one. Coming from Jamaica is Blak Jak, a artist who makes chill music and stays true to his Jamaican roots. Blak Jak resides in Daytona Beach, Florida at the moment. This is where he writes and records his own music. 


Blak Jak - Get The Fuck Out Of Mi Face ( Dancehall 2016 )

This is where he writes and records his own music. After accumulating over 25,828 song plays and almost 49,365 video plays, Blak Jak is climbing his way to the top of the reggae charts. His playlist on ReverbNation includes eleven tracks that are all equally catchy and hold great vibes. The first track to greet you when you make your way to his page is titled “Closed Door,” a song that sounds like a typical rap song until Blak Jak’s reggae/dancehall vocals catch you off guard. The beats in the background are hypnotic and very heavy. “Take Me to a Place” is a mellow song that highlights Blak Jak’s vocals and freestyle qualities. Once you press play on “Love My Flow,” you are immediately transported into an upbeat hip hop wonderland.” 
— Rick Jamm, Rick Jamm

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