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New Album "Before 12" by Vacant Image

March 2, 2017

Vacant Image are a fast-paced alternative rock outfit formed in Melbourne, Australia.

You'll be seeing them rip up the stage in an effort to leave an imprint in the music scene - delivering a fusion of hard rock, a dash of pop and a sprinkle of metal!

Combining musical versatility and a unique live show that aims to motivate, uplift and empower the listener Vacant Image take pride in their live shows.



Grunge, Heavy Rock, Alternative, Metal


Members of the group:

Josh Vanek - Vocals/Guitar 
Chris Sheppard - Drums 
Andrew Gilbert - Bass

Track list:

1. Mister Bell 
2. Double Negative 
3. Petals 
4. Eating Dahl Makhani with Paul McCartney 
5. Saving Sold Souls 
6. Almost Nothingless 
7. Mudder Fudder 
8. Ladies and Gentlemen 
9. Little Abby 
10. Broken Blues 
11. 11:33


 Listen and you can buy from the following link


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