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The Pinkerton Raid Debut New LP, Tolerance Ends, Love Begins

February 10, 2017

The stunning release from The Pinkerton Raid is as haunting as it is beautiful, evoking the very spirit of the group itself. In the form of Tolerance Ends, Love Begins, a true labor of love, we dive in deep to the harmonious group. 

Inspired by their surroundings and lives, The Pinkerton Raid had spent time crafting songs, all while discovering how seamlessly their voices harmonized into a singular sound and vision that brings the group to life. 

Personal favorite from the record "Ghost in My Bed," is only the beginning of what The Pinkerton Raid is capable of. Throughout the record we hear a band that is the description of graceful, as they immerse themselves into their music. Their dreamy lyrics paint a sultry and bold soundscape that completes their sound and ambition. The Pinkerton Raid has impressively and steadily proven themselves as an indie rock powerhouse, with layers of dark textures and beautiful vocals you will not soon forget.


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