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IN SILENT AGONY Presents "Treacherous" EP

December 13, 2016

Treacherous EP - 6 Powerful and incendiary tracks:

  1. Disenchantment 

  2. Fear

  3. Our Darkest Shadows 

  4. The Killage 

  5. The Silent Inquisition 

  6. Treacherous 

Exclusive !!! "Insidious" EP, you can listen to right now !!!


Listen and you can buy from the following link





Some might say he is crazy. Others say that he knows exactly what he is doing. In Silent Agony is the heavy metal soundtrack of Eski's mind, equal parts powerful, devastating, insightful & vulnerable.

Performing all instruments & vocals, as well as handling production & recording duties, has allowed Eski to present an unfiltered view into the mind of a heavy metal madman. No words will be wasted, and no time will be regretted. 

There was a time when Eski alone was In Silent Agony.

Now, we are all IN SILENT AGONY.






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