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Slow,Slow, SLOWFALL presents single "Speak Up"

December 9, 2016

New Music from Slowfall - “Speak Up” single & "All These Seasons" album


Orange County alternative rock/pop band Slowfall is proud to announce the release of their new single, "Speak Up" from the forthcoming album, "All These Seasons." The infectious first single is currently being offered as a free download on Bandcamp at and Pre-Orders for the album will begin on iTunes, CDBABY and the band’s Facebook page on December 9th, 2016.



Listen and you can buy from the following link


Slowfall is a Rock/Pop Alternative project from Orange County's own, Ryan Schicht who has been writing and recording songs since his teenage years. With influences like Goo Goo Dolls, Lifehouse and Train, Slowfall provides an eclectic Rock/Pop Alternative twist with lyrics of new love, lost love and the battles we fight for what matters most.





Slowfall is a Rock/Pop Alternative project from Orange County's own, Ryan Schicht (32) who has been playing guitar, writing and recording songs since his teenage years. With influenceslike Goo Goo Dolls, Lifehouse, Train, and Third Eye Blind, Slowfall provides an eclectic Rock/Pop Alternative twist with lyrics of love, loss and hope that will have everyone singing along.


Previously with his high school band, Souls a Fuse provided a 10 year experience that conditioned the magic and possibilities of what it means to be a hardworking band in an unfortunate Pay-to Play environment that ultimately took a strain on everyone, along with their tireless work on their 2009 LP release, “Souls a Fuse.” Despite Playing successful gigs at the World Famous Troubadour and Roxy Theater, as well as the House of Blues in Anaheim, Souls a Fuse would disband in 2011 and Ryan would move onto his next endeavor.


In 2012, under the band name, Slowfall, Ryan recorded the debut 5 song EP, “Start Breaking the Sequence,” which earned Slowfall a spot on stage in X103.9’s 2nd LocalPalooza at Corona, CA’s fast growing music venue, The Marquee 15. Only 10 bands were selected out of 100 Submissions, so “It was a boost in confidence to be included in such a competition for a popular radio station I grew grew up listening to and also a huge surprise, as The Inland Empire music scene is dominated primarily by Hard Rock and Metal bands.”

But as life got in the way, music was put on hold. “I had other priorities and goals I wanted to focus on and music just didn’t fit into any of it. At least not the way I wanted it to. As time passed, it was undeniable that there were still songs that needed to get out. It just felt wrong to keep telling myself NO and keep holding back. Everyone around me was very encouraging, so when I finally made the decision to write and record a new record, I knew I was making a decision others supported.”


2016’s “All These Seasons” took a year to write and record and was once again crafted in the previous recording space that produced “Start Breaking the Sequence,” in Costa Mesa, CA at Bee Hive Studios, with producer Scott Zschomler once again orchestrating the project. “Scott is a very talented musician and songwriter and has so much to do with the end product. I tend to come in with the basics for the songs and have the big ideas, while he is able to fill in any blanks, make necessary adjustments and realize the ultimate vision with me. It’s a collaboration that would not be the same without him.” The production has been topped off by Mastering legend, Howie Weinberg (The Fray, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana) and is set for release, December 9th, 2016, which also happens to be Ryan's birthday.


With the release of this new record, Slowfall hope to overcome the things that have made making music difficult and gain momentum with new listeners, playing live and rekindling the magic that started this whole thing.





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