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NATSTAR Presents New Album "ANATYMOUS"

December 2, 2016


Listen and you can buy from the following link



    What makes NATSTAR, it makes people dream, fall in love and to follow through life with a positive attitude. In his new album, you'll find it all.
    The quality of the music from the first chord to the last note at the highest level.
AMTI team strongly recommends listen, as we have no doubt that in the near future, this guy is a star in the world.

    NatStar is “music in the flesh.” An artist, producer, songwriter, and performer packaged into one man, Chris Stowe; who goes by his artist name “NatStar,” is a musical force to be reckoned with. Describing his sound as a mix of Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Soul and Gospel, he’s a triple threat as he sings, raps and produces for a diverse mix of genres. “What sets me apart from other artists would be my ability to actually excel in rapping, singing and producing. I consider myself to be equally talented in all three.



”Bringing his life experiences, thoughts, emotions and feelings into every song he creates, he paints something new on his musical canvas every time. Making it personal yet still something fans can relate to. Having worked with the likes of Ski Beatz, Brandy, Camp Lo, Loon, Adina Howard, Nappy Roots, Blackstreet and produced for Freddie Gibbs, Sha Stimuli, Lil Wayne (on an unreleased track) and more, NatStar’s musical resume continues to grow. Expanding beyond the US, NatStar has gained fans overseas, in Asia, after a 6 month tour he embarked on some time ago.






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