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Makoto Holmberg presents "Slow Night EP SR 008"

November 30, 2016

Listen and you can buy from the following link


Catalogue number: SR 008

Artist: Makoto Holmberg
Title: Slow Night EP
Format: Digital
Release Date: 16 June 2016


1. Crouched Clouds
2. Retrospective
3. Hoarfrost
4. Dust & Mirrors
5. Dust & Mirrors (Riccardo Noè 4th Dimension Remix)
6. Retrospective (HatGuy Pale Blue Mix)



    Makoto Holmberg is the project of Andrea Picella, Naples based young talent and electronic engineering student.
Andrea used to play bass guitar for several years in various local band, before start to write electronic music. 
In 2014 he started his project as Makoto Holmberg only to play live music creating real time ambient textures based on video.
Betwen 2014 and 2015 Makoto kept composing music only for himself, as therapeutic use. He started to perform around Europe, mostly UK and Germany, and recording the nocturnal soundscape of many cities he visited, using them to compose Slow Night EP.

The EP is combined with two remxes by HatGuy and Riccardo Noè.

Written and mixed by Andrea Picella, mastered by Valerio Ebert.



Avantgarde electronic music


SYNTHEKE is the new record label involved in IDM, techno and melodic sounds dedicated to promote all the upcoming artists from Italy.



    Neo-trance is a genre not defined, constantly changing, so you will hardly find an artist who will use it as a term of membership. This concept is based on the way of conceive and even different sounds and rhythms around a focal point: melody.

2004 is the year in which this non-genre catches on, distancing itself from its mother, Trance, both with regard to the rhythmic aspect, following the footsteps of techno minimal and occasionally dubstep, both in terms of the melodic aspect, creating melodies more complex, darker and often more significant. The result is a mixture of psychedelic and deep, an original and innovative sound that would influence, from that moment on, the whole development of electronic music.

Neo-trance is the term we have chosen to find a reference, the music that we propose has actually many faces and different representations. Different artists in the field of electronic music, have interpreted differently the matter of the centrality of melody.

Our project is to harness the power of a kind undefinable and constantly evolving sound to offer each evening a different experience, but at the same time concentrated to the cardinal aspect which holds all things "together": melody.

the future is unwritten

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