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Nashville songwriter Andrew Adkins releases surprise new 6 song EP, "Monsters + Ghosts" on Black Friday.

November 29, 2016

Listen and you can buy from the following link

This is what they write about Andrew authoritative publications:


"Andrew forges his own path onto unclaimed territory in a modern, mainstream music-jungle of bland, familiar and mundane. A poet with a bleeding heart, a renegade voice with grit and soul." - Paste Magazine

"A prolific artist…a real diversity and unique touch. Lyrically there is an abundance of edgy stimulation. He has talent-to-burn." - No Depression Magazine

"With a sound that embodies the all of the buzzworthy music coming from down south, Andrew Adkins’ Glass Castles is certainly one of those Nashville gems." -

"Adkins is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who resonates with an engaging vulnerability.
…a country-meets-cosmos glow" - Music Connection Magazine

"Outstanding!" The Mad Mackerel 

"A storyteller with mesmerizing lyrics and style…thought-provoking, intriguing and engaging." - 50 Third & 3rd (Music Blog)

"13 songs soaked in a broad definition of Americana and lifted by his grainy voice." - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Glass Castles emerges as an original piece of work, an album of rich, vibrant country-folk featuring heartfelt lyrics and sharp, creative arrangements that dip into every corner of the Great American Songbook." - The Daily Vault

"Here’s the thing, if John Lennon had been born in Muscle Shoals he’d sound a lot like Andrew Adkins." - Dusty Gus Americana Music Review

"...A hell-bound desperado, laying down minor chords...delivering a collection of whispered tales hung like cobwebs over sparse guitar." - Kyle Sanders - Modern Rock Magazine

"There’s Soul, Blues, Rock, Roots, and even a tinge of Country and all at the same time, which makes for an enjoyable musical doesn’t matter what you call it, as long as you call it good – because it is!" - Chuck Dauphin, Music News Nashville





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