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Serge Bulat presents new album "Queuelbum"

November 17, 2016

"Queuelbum" is the magic 11 tracks


1 Automaton

2 Say Hello To Mr. Armstrong

3 Idiots In Heaven

4 Clouds of Yesterday

5 Prognosis

6 Interqueue

7 Third World River

8 Isolationist

9 Walker

10 Queue Scope

11 Eared Ones


Listen and you can buy from the following link


Serge Bulat - Clouds of Yesterday (Audio)

    Serge Bulat’s Debut Album Wins 2016 IMA Award for Best Dance/Electronica Album of the Year

New York City, New York (November 2016) – Hailing from Moldova and now living in NYC, electronic music sensation Serge Bulat took home the 2016 award for the Best Dance/Electronica Album of the Year at the 15th edition of Independent Music Awards in NYC. The award is for Serge’s debut album called “Queuelbum” which was released in May this year with a fusion of electronica, neo-classical, trip-hop and alternative elements. The amalgam of such unique sounds resulted in something quite innovative of which the IMA award is a true acclamation.


“The whole “Queuelbum” project is one of a kind experience for me. It is a complex body of work with the soul, and I believe, a lot of people could appreciate and relate to it. Being honored with the album of the year award from the industry’s best means, I’ve accomplished my mission with “Qeueulbum” and it feels wonderful”. Nominated alongside Serge Bulat in the Dance/Electronica category were brilliant names including Mic Most, Carissa Vales, Nader DeAik and Knafo.”To be the winner in a category filled with such talented artists is truly humbling”, said Bulat. Past winners and nominees in the Dance/Electronica category include notable names such as Flying Lotus, Amon Tobin, Wax Tailor and Kraak and Smaak.

The winners were selected by blue-ribbon panels of widely acclaimed recording artists that include: Tom Waits, Slayer, The Kills, Dido, Warren Haynes, Amy Lee of Evanescence, Noshir Mody, Ingrid Gerdes among many others. Influential press and talent buyers from the Americas, Europe, and Pacific Rim were also a part of the judges’ panel. As the winner of the award, Serge will receive recognition from millions of music fans through both: online and offline channels as well as a slew of promotion and distribution opportunities.


The winning album “Queuelbum” combines Serge’s innovative instrumental music techniques with the talented visual artist Michael Rfdshir’s distinctive visual play to create something truly extraordinary. Serge picked up the piano when he was just 7 so his music was heavily influenced by the classical, folk and electronic music scene of the 90s. After graduating music school and working in Radio in Europe while simultaneously creating music, Serge has managed to continually evolve his techniques. All of this has helped him make “Queuelbum” into something that enables the listener to become a traveler through time.

“Queuelbum” has had its fair share of recognition across the globe, being featured on radio stations as well as in music and art festivals. The official release date of the IMA Award winning album was announced at the PLZ Festival in France, where Serge presented a music video called “Third World River” along with a visual installation “Queuelbum: A Musical Guide To Time Travel”.


    The album gained major momentum with its worldwide release on May 25th followed by the second audio single “Say Hello To Mr. Armstrong”. Serge Bulat went on to receive rave reviews from publications such as The Deli Magazine, The Noise Gate, Top40 Charts, Artist Reach, Zugo and H-Blog as well as support from notable New York and London radio shows. All this buzz culminated in Serge getting nominated for the prestigious Independent Music Awards for Best Dance/Electronica Album in October 2016.

 “Queuelbum” is currently available for download on iTunes and Google Play.



New York, NY 10022, USA




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