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Jason Achilles Mezilis Plays the Game of Rock N’ Roll

November 8, 2016


    Jason Achilles Mezilis has been a name making a steady traction in 2016 with his musical riffs that fly from his guitar. The acclaimed record "COMEDOWN," which has seen release this year, is filled to the rafters with musical opportunity and sound explosions. Not many modern guitarists can keep my attention, especially in the Rock n' Roll realm, but Mezilis stands above the rest. His musical training and years of experience shine brightly as one can really tell that music is his life. 


Watch Jason Achilles Mezilis "Panhandle"

When not engaged in his solo work, Mezilis also plays in OWL, and owns the Organic Audio Recorders in Downtown Los Angeles where he records artists such as Dizzy Reed of Guns N' Roses and Kamikaze.  To add to his impressive resume, he is in the midst of a lengthy tour that has seen him touring internationally and throughout the United States. Jason Achilles Mezilis shows the world what Rock n' Roll is about, and doing it well.






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