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Han Sino and new LP "Blending Sounds"

November 1, 2016



HAN SINO - Musical creation artist Nu Jazz/Rare Groove/Trip Hop/Spoken Word presents new LP "Blending Sounds" - 16 great tracks: 

1. Awakening 03:16

2. La Force 03:25

3. Nite Groove 03:32

4. Tandoori Flava 02:54

5. Laid Back Flava 03:28

6. Place of Delights 03:26

7. Nothing Else 03:06

8. Forgotten Luv 02:58

9. Istanbul 03:20

10. Old Skool Noise 03:12

11. Cock Fight 03:02

12. Instant Pleasure 03:18

13. Pure Beauty 03:14

14. Fed up with Flowerz 03:18

15. Where'z the Evidence? 02:52

16. Child's Play 06:46



Original groovin' tracks and creations of blending sounds 

"Blending Sounds" is an instrumental opus 

Han Sino is an artist of instrumental Nu Jazz musical creation and Urban Spoken Word Poetry.


Blessed by the 90’s Hip Hop, groove and Electronic golden age, Han Sino has, during this today greatly prized era, quite quickly acquired, a strong culture about Afro American 70's, and 80's, and secondarily 60's music. As a young mellowman, he sees his vision of the world turned upside down by Free Jazz and Jazz Funk classics. He discovers John Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, and Alice Coltrane, among others…


Armed with a rich musical culture, in the second half of the years 2000, he approaches beatmaking, first, in solo, then, for a few Hip Hop artists.


Essentially self-taught, Han Sino has perfected his musical training and ear with the excellent doublebass player, bassist and keyboardist, Jade, (Jean Luc Riga), during a year and a half. This will be followed by a deep metamorphosis of his creativity, as well as a progressive development of his musical maturity.


Han Sino - Old Skool Noise


In 2012/2013, Han Sino proposes the hybrid Hip Hop/Crossover trilogy: « Raffinements », « Odes », and « Vertiges ». « Raffinements », although very experimental, and unusual, will be noticed by international webzines relaying the English speaking market best mixtapes.Strengthened by the success of this baroque Spoken Word Poetry, the French artist returns to the sources by publishing more and more jazzy, then groovy projects.« Accords Perdus/Lost Chords » offers a very atmospheric Nu Jazz, adorned with a crazy use of traditional instruments. « Petals on the Lake » proposes a massive and sophisticated production. « Gazelles Sanctuary », a quest of pure Sound. « Nu Jazz Theories », a nice and original jazzy style. The climax of our artist’s groove is reached with « Blending Sounds », « Broken Songz », « Deep x Eerie Grooves », or « The Blue Shapes Score » among others… « Poetik Art », « Lotus grain » and« Electro Emcee » show his fluency as a Slam artist and producer of urban music.Among Han Sino’s key titles, we can mention « Blue Men », « Magnolia »,« Easy to Play », « Colombe », « Evasion », « Colors of the soul »,« Milk Chocolate », « La Force », « Nite Groove », « Pychedelics », or « Fire »…Han Sino has made collaborations with artists such as Luzita, Raisin Beatsman and GREENMAKER alias Kendy Kartel, to mention a few…


Han Sino’s Sound is a poetical synthesis of rare groove and urban music. The ideal soundtrack to dream and to enjoy life in all its colors.« Han Sino » is an artist name referring to Asian Poetry and Wisdom. Many connections, in relation with general and popular culture, are possible, in over reading.


Han Sino is a musical creation artist. This means that he uses the modern means of CAM, " Software ", and " Hardware " sequencers, as well as digital and analog keyboards and synthesizers, to produce original creations, appreciably different from what is done, on the artistic plan, in the music industry. To these significant tools, are, sometimes, added, traditional instruments, used in an iconoclast way (ex: Asian lute, thumb piano, Tuareg/Malian violin, harmonic flute, Chinese zither etc…). Deeply held in the Afro American music fundamentals, the world traditional music, and the urban and electronic experiments, the Han Sino’s artistic and musical approach is very singular.


Han Sino - Nite Groove

This contemporary creator’s sound is characterized by a groove, a swing or an atmosphere inspired by the 70's, 80's and 90's, but resolutely turned toward future and most daring experiences. It is both an art and a quest. A quest of the most stylish groove, with the beatmaker’s home studio means.
A synthesis of rare groove and urban music. An alliance of psychedelic and rhythm. An alchemy of unexpected tones.

You can often find nice and round bass lines in it. Crazy, and amazing, guitar riffs. Dreamlike keyboard playing. Violins soundscapes in arabesques… As well as hypnotic percussion running in loop until the trance!

This very colorful sound evokes the pleasure of living, the inner peace, and the good things that we appreciate in existence. This is a poetic approach of urban music.

Han Sino is also a poet, or a Spoken Word artist. His metaphorical and ambiguous texts, contain, different reading levels, and leave a large room for the listener interpretation. There are numerous, subtle or provocative, word plays, as well as a lot of alliterations and assonances.

Continuously in search of renewal and of novelty, Han Sino has not finished to surprise, and to propose us new sound travel.



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