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Von Sell Delights on Stunning New EP

October 14, 2016



Von Sell, the brainchild of musician David Von Sell, has just released his stunning new EP, Von Sell out today, October 14th. If you run in Indie circles, Von Sell is a name that you have probably heard within the past few months. A string of acclaimed singles such as “Ivan,” and “I Insist,” have seen him charting on Hype Machine, and garnering waves on both Soundcloud and Spotify alike.




This week we saw Von Sell sharing his new single, “Names,” which has been everywhere I go it seems…and that’s a good thing!


The tracks are all taken from his newest masterpiece, Von Sell, which is an eclectic electro-pop record that recalls artists such as Grizzly Bear and Department of Eagles. Make no mistake though, Von Sell is definitely an artist that stands on his own. Within each song on the album, we see an artist that is making a name for himself on his own terms.


Blissfully, with every note he writes, we discover a new side of the artist that shares his brilliance and let’s his heart and soul speak throughout the songs. It’s no wonder why Von Sell is becoming increasingly popular.


Artists like this only come around every few years, and when they do, you should hold on tight. Sit back and take a listen, for one of the most incredible records you will hear for 2016.


Listen Von Sell "Names"





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