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Paulo Franco Unleashes New Album The Last Card

October 14, 2016


        Paulo Franco releases his long awaited record this week, The Last Card. An album with one hell of a background story, we get inside of every aspect of Franco’s life on his latest endeavor. Throughout the record we hear a songwriter that is wise beyond his years.


His music speaks volumes as it takes us on a journey from one track to the next. The first single that started off the initial anticipation for the record is “Leaving the River City.” In the song Franco pours his blood, sweat and tears into every note, every melody, every strum, and it is obvious.


This is a theme that continues throughout the record, as Franco never leaves a dull moment on the album. As the album dances between the lines of Americana, Franco also takes on a new role as he pens a few of the songs in Spanish.


With an extensive family background in the region, he brings a dash of his roots into play, which makes the album even more personal…something that is a nice touch and is much needed in the current music world.


For The Last Card Franco also called upon the help of an impressive line up that fit his music with perfection. Calling upon artists such as Bob Rupe (The Silos, Cracker, Sparklehorse), Daniel Clarke (Ryan Adams and the Shining), Stephen McCarthy (ex-Jayhawks) and Johnny Hott (Gutterball, House of Freaks), his polished record is a masterpiece by far, and one to make him standout above the rest.



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